About Tom


Tom Kaufhold is a local Berliner and has been an active editor, director and contributor into the fields of film and visual-art for over a decade. After having completed his degree as Media Designer in Picture and Sound, he acquired a perfect mix of theoretical and practical filmmaking-skills, that set him on an adventure in the general world of Media. In his early years he combined his new found video skills with his passion for hip hop music. Since 2005 he has been collaborating with numerous artists and even now, as the experienced editor he is, he continues making music videos. Starting in the industry Tom was fortunate to work with icons like Toni Froschhammer. This experience taught him the needed professionalism, mostly on being quick on his feet whilst never losing his creativity, as well as building a large basis of technological know-how, which he constantly adapts to current projects. Passionate in feature film, next year Tom celebrates his 10th year at the Berlinale. For a brief, but intense period each year, he returns to the Berlinale film office, where he dcp-masters over 300 films. During this time he contributed greatly to the digitisation process that has taken place dealing with the film. Tom is very focused, detail oriented and has a great ability to work with others. He is constantly seeking an artistic and creative approach of storytelling through images, whether commercials, films or simple moodboards.

Tom is represented as editor by boldbreed agency for creatives